Abstract Athens  

Artist residency February 2020

Athens, Greece


Being a cradle of the world’s art, Athens have always been a dream place to visit for me.
If you ask me what image comes to my mind when I think of Athens, I’ll remember the cover of a world history students book that I used to have at 5th grade at school. There was a picture of Erechtheum on the cover, and this image has been imprinted in my mind since childhood.
The colors of the cover are black, white, sky blue, brown and marble beige.
I found the old edition of this history students book and decided to take it with me to the residency and use these colors as the starting point for developing the concept of my project.
I tried to create abstract artworks inspired by this combination of colors and the city of Athens: my project consisted of abstract paintings, abstract photo compositions that I came across while exploring the city and two abstract objects.

Abstract Athens. Artist Anna Snegina

Photo documentation Christoph Ziegler